Andy Mayer

Principal Member of Technical Staff, Network Cloud and Infrastructure, AT&T Labs; LSO Committee Co-Chair, MEF

Andy Mayer is a PMTS in the Network Cloud and Infrastructure group at AT&T Labs where he is focused on end-to-end information integration and model enabled architectures. Andy serves as the Co-Chair of ONAP's Modeling Subcommittee and Co-Chair of MEF's LSO Committee. Andy served as Project Team Lead of ONAP’s External API Framework Project and as MEF’s Chief Architect for LSO. He was the main author of MEF 55 as well as many other MEF technical specifications and is a leading expert and trusted adviser in service orchestration, network management, and policy based management for connectivity data services and advanced technologies, including SDN and NFV. He holds a BS from Purdue University, as well as a MS and Ph.D. from Stevens Institute of Technology. Before joining AT&T Labs in 2016, Andy was with Applied Communication Sciences (formerly Telcordia / Bellcore) for nearly 30 years.