The following industry analysts are participating as award judges, moderators, or panelists.

We’re excited to host 15 leading industry analysts participating at MEF18 as awards judges, moderators and panelists. Their research is fundamental to measuring the impact of MEF 3.0 work, including the transition to standardized services (SD-WAN, CE, etc.) orchestrated over automated networks powered by LSO. To help you better leverage your participation at MEF18, we’re providing links to our Participating Analyst Firms and links to some of the in-depth research they have available.

Please plan on reaching out to these analysts for updates during MEF18 as they are eager to hear how your company is implementing MEF work in your programs, plans, and ongoing development. More information can be found on the MEF18 website. We look forward to seeing you all at MEF18!

AGC Research   Participating Analysts
Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst
Stephen Collins, Principal Analyst
Analysys Mason  

Participating Analysts
Caroline Chappell, Research Director

Atlantic ACM  

Participating Analysts
Charlie Reed, Partner

Battle Green Research   Participating Analysts
Jennifer Pigg Clark, Founder and General Manager
Broadband Success Partners  

Participating Analysts
Glenn Calafati, Principal Analyst
David Strauss, Partner

Del'Oro Group   Participating Analysts
Shin Umeda, Vice President, Router and SD-WAN Market Research
Frost & Sullivan   Participating Analysts
Roopashree Honnachari, Industry Director
Global Data   Participating Analysts
Jason Marcheck, Service Director
Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst
Ron Westfall, Research Director
    Participating Analysts
Scott Raynovich, Founder and Chief Analyst
Heavy Reading   Participating Analysts
Sterling Perrin, Principal Analyst
IHS Markit   Participating Analysts
Michael Howard, Senior Research Director, Carrier Networks
Heidi Adams, Senior Research Director, Transport Networks
Metanoia   Participating Analysts
Vishal Sharma, Principal
Ovum   Participating Analysts
Ian Redpath, Practice Leader
Mike Sapien, Chief Analyst, Enterprise Services
Brian Washburn, Practice Leader, Network Transformation & Cloud
Telegeography   Participating Analysts
Rob Schult, Research Director
Greg Bryan, Senior Manager, Research
Vertical Systems   Participating Analysts
Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services
Rosemary Cochran, Principal & Co-founder