• See you at MEF18 in Los Angeles, California, USA, 29 October - 02 November 2018 -


MEF17 Proof of Concept Photo Collage

Key Dates
PoC Showcase at MEF18 29 Oct 2018
PoC Awards at MEF18 31 Oct 2018


Proof of Concept Showcase Overview

50+ companies participating in the PoCs this year! 

The fifth annual Proof of Concept (PoC) Showcase will feature live service and technology demonstrations involving dozens of companies. The PoCs will provide you valuable insight into how agile, assured, and orchestrated services can be delivered across automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks in accordance with the MEF 3.0 framework. Many of the PoC demonstrations will highlight how service providers can implement different aspects of MEF 3.0 services – such as automated fulfillment and activation, service assurance, etc – using published and draft specifications and concepts from MEF, as well as other industry organizations and open source projects. This includes demonstration of MEF 3.0 concepts related to emerging standardized, orchestrated services and LSO APIs that enable orchestration across multiple providers and over multiple network technology domains (e.g., Optical Transport, CE, IP, 5G, etc).

Showcasing Innovative Commercial Solutions and MEF 3.0 Implementation Projects

The Showcase includes two types of PoC demonstrations: those proposed specifically for MEF18 highlighting collaborative and highly differentiated commercial solutions as in past years and, for the first time, demonstrations of MEF 3.0 Implementation projects driven by MEF members.

Questions & information:

For questions about the PoC Showcase, please contact Tom Dickson, MEF, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Automated Commercial Interaction

MEF 3.0 LSO federated inter-carrier data-on-demand services through automated discovery and blockchain settlement


Blockchain-Based Carrier Marketplace for LSO Sonata


Service Fulfilment and Activation

Fulfilment and activation of an intercontinental MEF 3.0 service spanning four Operators


Blade Runner – Orchestrated Multi-domain Augmented Reality

End-to-end Service Orchestration of E-LAN over multiple domains via the LSO Interlude interface and across multiple vendors

Pocket-sized model-driven networks

Instantiation and delivery of virtualized and orchestrated services across interconnected operator networks

Multi-Operator Network as a Service in Action


Self-Service, Agile, Orchestrated CloudLink

Multi-Domain Application Defined Advanced Global Interconnection Orchestration

Transformation in Action – harmonizing delivery of intent-based networks and services


Multi-Layer Services

MEF 3.0 Implementation for Orchestrated Multilayer Optical Transport


Service Assurance

Machine learning for service assurance


Data Science Applications for LSO Architecture based Service Fulfillment and Assurance


Application-aware, multi-service provider self-optimizing network using MEF 3.0 LSO Framework


DevNet: Application Intelligent Software Defined Network


Zero touch services with secure SD-WAN

Towards a Multi-vendor Orchestrated SD-WAN: LSO-enabled Solution with Open Source Orchestrator and Container-based uCPEs



Boosting uCPE with SDN/NFV/Legacy capabilities including Network and VNF service chain monitoring and Plugware for Universal Access and brownfield deployments