Andrew Dugan

Services Committee Co-Chair, MEF; Senior Architect, Cisco

As a Senior Software Architect I have responsibility for investigating and developing architecture for new projects within Cisco's IOS-XR software. These include both strategic projects, and projects solving specific customer problems. Strategic projects have focused on software and system disaggregation, refreshing the system architecture and infrastructure, and developing a training programme for new engineers. For a recent customer-driven project involving validation of configuration using Yang, I developed a new domain specific language that would be both easy for developers to use to express validation rules, and that could also be implemented efficiently. I worked closely with the software engineering teams implementing the compiler, validation engine and test tooling, as well as with the developers using the new language to ensure it was easy to use.

As well as acting as the Services Committee Co-chair, I also lead Cisco's representation in MEF and contribute to Cisco's strategy around MEF's standardisation and software work.