Greg Spear

Director of New Technology and Advanced Development, AT&T Labs

Elie Francis is a Director in AT&T within the Architecture and Design organization with responsibility for driving the overall Network Management Design of Ethernet and IP based networks and services. Part of this role is ensuring that all new technology and services introduced support AT&T’s Business and operational processes. His current focus is on SDN enablement for managing Cloud based Network Services. As such, his current work revolves around Netconf/Yang, VNF Management, Network and Service abstractions, White Box with DNOS management, and ECOMP/ONAP API definition.
Elie has led a team of AT&T Network Management Systems Engineers for 20+ years resulting in the creation of many key Network Management tools which are used extensively to manage the core MPLS/VPN AT&T network. Elie has patents in the area of OSPF/Control Plane Multi-area outage containment, and Control Plane Monitoring. Elie is a recipient of AT&T’s science and Technology award, based on innovation in the tooling area.