Shahar Steiff

AVP, New Technology, PCCW Global

Shahar joined PCCW Global in 2001 and served in various sales, pre-sales product development and management roles. In his current assignment Shahar is involved with adaptation and integration of new technologies to the PCCW-Global product lines and infrastructure.

Shahar has been involved in the international telecoms arena for over 20 years and has seen the progress from traditional SDH platforms, through ATM, Frame-Relay and MPLS to today’s VPLS and Ethernet technologies.

Prior to his current role in PCCW Global, Shahar worked for Teleglobe Inc. and for NetVision, an Israeli ISP. Shahar is also active in several industry Standard-Defining-Organizations. He previously served as a member of the MEF Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the MEF Technical and Operations Committee and MEF LSO Committee. He also has been an active participant in other industry fora such as NGMN, ONAP and TM Forum.